Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wynyard, SK to Riding Mountain National Park, MB.

August 6

odometer 9600

Another early morning, on the road by 8:30. Nobody came around this morning to collect a fee, so I guess we camped for free.

The drive is still boring, so I'm reading a lot, but the landscape started rolling again as we approached Yorkton and then flattened out after.

We decided to stop for lunch at a mom and pop restaurant. After our awful experience in Chase, BC I was a bit gun shy. But when we drove by 'Chicken Chef' in Lagenburg SK and the parking lot was full I was hopeful. It ended up being a good lunch, and their fried chicken was really good - but not as good as the Lick A Chick in Bras d'Or NS!

Stopped in Shoal Lake for gas and groceries before leaving the Yellowhead to head north into Riding Mountain. I can't get used to all the dirt and gravel roads in the Prairies and how fast the locals drive on them! Coming from Ontario, where most roads are paved, we treat gravel and dirt gingerly. It's fun to watch the locals tear down them, with a huge dust cloud behind them!

We are camping at Wasagaming in Riding Mountain National Park. It's like a small resort town - it reminds me of Martha's Vineyard. On recommendation from a friend, we checked out Poor Michael's Bookshop in Onanole, just outside the park. It was very cool. I picked up a book, a batik coverup for the beach, and a Chai latte.

We have a three-way site (electricity, water, sewer) and it's a luxury for us. I was able to give both girls a shower in the trailer, which they love and not worry about running out of fresh water or grey water capacity. It's also nice not to worry about the trailer battery. When we camp dry (no services) the battery only lasts about two nights, even when we're careful. We're used to our tent trailer, which could go a long weekend no problem. But the travel trailer has a big fridge and water pump that wear down the battery quite a bit.

Two weeks 'till we are home. I'm enjoying myself, but the thought of doing nothing and spending a day at home is sounding nice! I told DD1 that it was 14 sleeps until she slept in her own bed. She looked confused - she didn't know what I meant. Even after a said 'you know, your bed at your house' it took her awhile to get it. Surely she didn't think camping would go on forever?

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