Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park to Pukaskwa

August 15
odometer 99101

Short drive to Pukaswka today, the scenery is very dull (endless boreal forest, very little civilization) until you get a glimpse of the lake. A lot of the road has been blasted through rock, in all sorts of colours.

Took pics from Nipigon Bay, it's sheltered from Superior with lots of islands near the shore.

There were tons of picnic stops along the way with scenic views. We decided to stop at Rossport - our first view of the lake proper - with lots of waves and wind. Fenten went for a swim, so he's happy. We forgot to look for blueberries like my cousin had suggested, maybe next time.

Pulled into the Hattie Cove campground mid-afternoon. I got to practice backing the trailer up into the site. There's a test of marital harmony for you! After 15 minutes of frustration I think I got the hang of it. DH may differ :)

Had a quick supper as we were anxious to do a small hike before retiring for the night. We did the beach hike along Hattie Cove. The waves are HUGE and the wind is fierce! I wouldn't want to be in a boat today. You can gauge the wind speed by the craziness of DD1's hair or the curve of Fenten's leash.

It was fun walking along the beaches. They were sandy but covered in driftwood so you had to walk right along the edge. Every once in a while we would run for higher ground when a big wave came in.

After our walk we went to the Visitor's centre to watch a film about Pukaskwa. Hoorah - they have WiFi. Took this opportunity to update the blog. Probably won't be able to much more until I get home. Saw a few backcountry campers stranded at the Centre - the water is too dangerous for kayaking to their campsites.

Wish we had more time here. DH really loves it - 'I could make this home' he said - Superior is so big it's like an ocean, with the wind and the waves and the sound. Should be a nice lullaby tonight.

We're supposed to be in Pancake Bay, just north of Sault Ste Marie, tomorrow but we may drive further. We want to be in Renfrew for Thursday.

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