Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fort William in Thunder Bay

August 12

Woke up late and enjoyed breakfast. Megs especially, as she had three courses (cereal, oatmeal, toast) and still didn't seem full. Headed out to Fort William, just down the road from my cousins.

We were voyageurs and paddled a birch bark canoe.

That wet our appetite so we headed to the cantina for lunch. Claire ordered pea soup (her favourite) and was given the biggest bowl of soup I have ever seen.

After lunch we danced with some of the town folk and went to the main gates to watch the arrival of the new brigade.

We checked out the trades stores (tinsmith, blacksmith, carpenter, seamstress) as well as all the various buildings in the fort. It was neat to see the garden, and DD1 had fun trying to identify all the vegetable growing there.

It was a wonderful day, but sunny and hot so we felt pretty worn out by the end.

Went back to my cousins for supper and met one of her sisters. We are hoping to meet more family. Finally got caught up with my blog after being without Internet for a week. Can't believe we are going to be home soon - 8 more sleeps!

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