Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Riding Mountain National Park

August 7

Had an easy morning, packed a lunch and headed for the town of Wasagaming for a day at the beach. Didn't realize it was my birthday until DH and the girls gave me cards. I also opened the gift my mom gave me before we left - it's a necklace and earrings that goes with the cover up I bought yesterday and am wearing today - cool!

We walked from our campsite to the town, and happened upon a parade! It is Chamber Days and they hold a parade which involves local business driving in their vehicles and throwing candy at the watching children. We ate our lunch while watching the parade - the highlight was the Shriners in their miniature cars. DH sneaked off during the parade to buy ice cream - it was only a block away but because of the heat it was melting pretty fast by the time it got to us. After the parade we walked to the beach, only to be confronted with a sign warning against swimmer's itch. Kinda dampened my desire to swim! The girls had brought sand toys so they played happily while DH and I enjoyed the breeze and the shade. Spent the afternoon there and went back to the campsite for supper then to the campground campfire to learning Riding Mountain songs. DD1 sang along and DD2 danced.

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