Monday, August 2, 2010

Hinton, AB

August 2
odometer 96333

Short drive to Hinton today, to stay with DH's cousin. The drive from Jasper to Hinton is very pretty coming out of the foothills.

Only a few pics today as it was a 'work day'. We did groceries and laundry. Well we tried to do laundry but DH discovered, too late, that a crayon made it into the dryer. We now have clothes with orange streaks over them, and spent an hour cleaning orange crayon out of the dryer drum. Not fun.

It wasn't a total loss, we got to spend time with our cousin and were fed a delicious chili for supper, along with nachos with cheese, rice, and bread.

We are staying in a one-room apartment, so sleeping arrangements are creative. DD2 is sleeping in the storage room, but since we call it her 'clubhouse' she thinks it's the bees knees! DS is in the hall, and DH, DD1 and I are in the living room.

Onto to Edmonton and Elk Island National Park tomorrow!

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  1. So happy to read all the updates. We were thinking of you as we were camping this weekend. When we looked out at the stars, we figured you might be looking at the same ones? Looks like you have been having great fun with cousins and aunts and the scenery is so spectacular (beats the Rideau River.

    Jay took today off to go look at Volvo Wagons - maybe he will shop up a car yet! We leave Saturday for two weeks. Hope to have a car before we leave, just so it is done.