Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pukaskwa NP to Sault Ste Marie

Aug 16

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Finished driving around Lake Superior today to Pancake Bay Provincial Park, just north of Sault Ste Marie, the south eastern edge of the lake. It was raining leaving Pukaskwa and the road was very twisty and up and down, I think I only saw two straightaways on the entire drive this morning. The drive from Pukaskwa to Wawa is away from the lake, just miles and miles of boreal forest. Stopped at Wawa for lunch and the mandatory shot with the Goose:

After Wawa, the T-Can goes along the shore of Lake Superior, and the views are spectacular. Luckily for us, the weather improved and we had sun and clouds. It is extremely windy again today and the waves are huge. I guess those poor kayakers are still stuck back in Hattie Cove. The views remind us of the Cape Breton Highlands - boreal forest, curvy roads, and choppy waters.

Got into Pancake Bay mid-afternoon and headed straight for the beach - we didn't even drop the trailer off at the site. We went to the doggy section of the beach so Fenten could play.

The water was a lot warmer then I remember as a kid but the air was quite cool The thundering of the waves was deafening, and you could see them pulling up the sand from the bottom and rolling it over. DD1 and I had fun playing in the water, although bystanders stared at us because the air was too cold for swimsuits. There was a bit of an undertow because of the pounding surf. I wished we had our PFDs (we didn't bring them or any of our boats to reduce weight and bulk), because then I would have let DD1 venture further into the water. DD2 had fun running to and away from the waves.

The girls also spent a while burying DD2 in the sand, while DS and I relaxed in the soft sand.

We finally got to fly the kite my cousin bought for us when we were on Granville Island. Unfortunately the string had knots in it and DH spent an hour untangling it. It was pretty blustery and hard to keep the kite up for very long.

Headed back for supper and early bed. Getting up early tomorrow - we think we will fast track our trip home to spend some time at my mom's in Renfrew.

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