Monday, August 2, 2010

The Columbia Icefields

July 31
odometer 96200

DH's cousin joined us after breakfast to tour the Columbia Icefields. We went back to Sunwapta Falls for lunch. We did the 2 k hike down to the lower falls. They were pretty cool, but not worth the whining from the girls when they had to walk back up to the parking lot! We saw bighorn sheep at Tangle Falls, although they were young so their horns weren't that big yet.

It was a Saturday, so the Icefield Centre was packed. The girls enjoyed playing in the model glacier:

It was a fairly hazy day, not sure if it was low clouds or smoke from the forest fires burning in BC. Pictures weren't very clear of the glacier:

We enquired about a snowbus tour of the icefield, but 50$ per adult was too much. So we did the 1 km hike out. We had hats, mitts, and fleeces, but it was still pretty cold. I had forgotten DS' fleece, so DH did the dad thing and wrapped him in his jacket, hence the shirt sleeves....

DD1 has a longstanding interest in rocks, and was fascinated by the polishing and etching of the glaciers on the rocks in the glacial moraine. She thinks posing on rocks makes for great pictures:

Drove back to the campground and enjoyed a nice supper with giant s'mores for desert. The had a campfire program, and we learned about how the voyageurs managed in this harsh land. We even got to make bannock over and open fire - yummy. After the kids were asleep, the adults enjoyed the campfire and games (pass the pigs and Kahuna).

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