Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Elk Island National Park

Aug 4

After such a late night, we had a late morning - but everyone slept in! After breakfast, well more like brunch, we did a 2.5 km trail. We made DD2 walk the whole way and she did well, if you ignore the whining and sooking. DD2 is a bit lazy and doesn't like to walk far like DD1 always could. We told DD2 she was in training for when she goes back to the caregiver in the fall. When we pulled her out of care she was one of the youngest and rode in the stroller, but when she returns she will be the oldest and will have to walk.

We almost lost Fenten though - he jumped off the boardwalkto swim in the pond and landed in soft mud that sucked him down to his shoulders. Thankfully he was able to turn around, so we could drag him out by his front paws. It scared us to death, but he seemed unfazed. He didn't try to jump of the boardwalk again though!

DD2's complaining and Fenten's near-drowning were all the excitement for a while, as the trail was pretty dull. We could have been behind our house! We found raspberries halfway along and the girls had a fun time finding more and eating them for the rest of the walk. Thomas got some quality napping time in today.

We had an early supper and the went for a drive to find more bison - we only saw a few along Bison Loop Road. They are pretty cool, and a little bit scary. They are immense, the largest land mammal in North America. Bulls weigh about 800 kg!!!

I notice a rash around DD2's mouth in the evening and she was complaining of having a sore mouth. It didn't seem to get any worse as the night wore on, but before bed I shone a flashlight on her and checked it again before she went to bed. Not sure what it is, but DH checked and she had nothing on her belly or anywhere else. He figures she brushed by a plant on our walk and it irritated her. I just don't like when this stuff happens camping, I worry more because I feel more vulnerable

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