Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Elk Island National Park, AB to Wynyard, SK

Aug 5
odometer 97483

Big drive today, so we go an early start - on the road by 8:30. The bison drive last night was overshadowed by the bison traffic jams we saw this morning on the way out. We were passing by them very slowly when a bull in front of us grunted and started walking directly toward the car. Perhaps 'walking' is not the best way to describe the movement of a 800 kg animal - lumbering maybe? In any case, he was just getting his cows and calves off the road, so nobody was hurt.

I don't find the landscape very interesting anymore - its kind of hard to compete with the Rockies! Nevertheless, I noticed that landscape is flattening again, with large stretches of farmlands. We had a lunch in Lloydminster, Canada's only border town, on the SK side. Around Saskatoon, it was more like the prairie we saw on the southern route (highway 1). Saskatoon held nothing of interest to us, so we decided to push on and stopped in Wynyard.

There was a cheap municipal campground just off the Yellowhead. We went to a deserted section of the campground, right across the from the park and had it pretty much to ourselves. The girls loved it - they played while we made supper and DS rolled and scooted around on his blanket trying to eat grass. I don't think DS will ever crawl, he has no interest whatsoever - he just rolls. If you sit him up, he's quite able to turn around and move forward a bit, so I think he may 'scoot' around on his bum instead.

Everybody went to bed well, and DH and I had time for a drink and game of Gin before bed. No one ever came around to collect our camping fee, and there doesn't seem to be anywhere to leave it. Maybe they will catch us in the am.

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