Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Aug 13

I think we are sleeping on the head of the Giant!

Started the day with a visit to the Visitor's Centre. It was really good - lots of displays and DD1 got to complete her first challenge as a 'junior naturalist'. She did all the tasks and was very excited to get a certificate. DD2 was disappointed she didn't get a certificate, but this was soothed with a cookie.

Had avocado salad for lunch, a recipe from my mom. You scoop out the avocado flesh and dice it, mix it with mayo, drained cocktail shrimp, and salt and pepper. Put the mix back into the avocado skins and enjoy. Delicious after months of cold sandwiches.

DH and DS needed a nap, so the girls and I went to the beach. The water was nice and there was a strong breeze, so it wasn't hot. It was the usual beach day - DD1 went in and out practicing her swimming while DD2 played by the shore. They both played in the two playgrounds for a bit.

Back for supper, then showers and a campfire. Banana boats for a special treat then bed. Off to Pukaskwa National Park, further along the Superior's shore, for tomorrow.

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