Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sault Ste Marie to Mattawa

Aug 17

Good start this morning and easy driving now that we away from the lake. After the SOO (aka Sault Ste Marie, according to the locals) the highway goes along the North Channel of Lake Huron (Mantioulin Island is just south of us). It is very flat and touristy along here, lots of campgrounds, cottages and motels. Stopped in Blind River for lunch and a play. The girls were very happy to spot a playground in the rest area. DS went for his first slide, all by himself, and loved it! He also loves the swings.

Leaving Blind River, the T-can veered away from Lake Huron and the landscape was more familiar, much like the Ottawa Valley where I've lived almost my whole life. The odometer turned to 100,000 soon after the rest stop - DH was very excited!

Made a detour into Sudbury to see the Big Nickel and was shocked to find out that you had to pay 5$ for parking. No thanks, we just turned around in the parking lot while I snapped a photo from the car.

Gave the girls nickels to look at and compare to what we'd seen. Made me think that it's time to teach DD1 about the value of money. She can count to a hundred and understands the order of numbers (i.e. which number is higher), so I figure she's ready. The detour took us off the T-Can, during which time there was fatal collision on the section we should have travelled. But for the grace of God… A traffic accident is my biggest fear on this trip, and given we've travelled over 10000 km a legitimate one too. Pulling a travel travel just ads to the risk . Ugh - I had trouble sleeping last night worrying about it, I think because we are so close to home now.

While in Sudbury we stopped for gas, tea, Timbits, and milk at Mac's. I was so happy to see the 4L jugs of Mac's milk! Haven't seen that since we left home!

North Bay, we saw our first sign for Ottawa - its so close now!

Pulled into Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, just east of Mattawa, around supper time. What a beautiful park, we even got a site along the lake with our very own beach - our very first of the trip. The girls played on Howley Beach while I made supper.

Got the kids to bed, then DH left for a night hike at 10 pm to look for bugs. DD1 was so disappointed that she couldn't go: 'I bet he even gets to see fireflies!' she said despondently. There is a kids program tomorrow morning, so that should make up for it. Lots of activities at the park, plus a Voyageur Museum, Ecology Research Centre, and Forestry Research Centre. Looking forward to checking out some stuff tomorrow. We'll probably stay until check out (2pm) before heading to Renfrew to spend time with my mom. Looking forward to travelling along the Ottawa River at last, the T-Can begins to follow the river east of Mattawa. We are now seeing mileage signs for Ottawa - a welcome site!

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