Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rushing River Provincial Park

August 10

What a beautiful park this is! 300 really nice and private sites, a beautiful, warm, and clean lake, and a pretty river with rapids.

DH and DD2 did the Beaver Pond trail in the morning so DS got to have a good nap while DD1 and I played 'kitchen'. Spent the afternoon at the beach - what a great spot. Warm water, lots of sand, and not busy. DD1 loves the water and swam all afternoon. She still sinks like a stone, but loves it. DD2 is more cautious around the water, but likes walking in and out and by the end of the day was walking up to her neck.

Had a campfire with the giant marshmallows. Still hot so its hard to get the kids and us to sleep. Heading to Thunder Bay tomorrow.

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