Thursday, August 12, 2010

Riding Mountain National Park, MB

August 8

Had another great day at the Park today. DH took the 3 kids on a short hike this morning, so I got to hang out in the trailer. I was supposed to relax, but I'm not very good at that and ended up cleaning the trailer. It sure needed it, and now we should be good until we get home.

After lunch we went to the Wasagaming playground and watched the Park interpreters put on a puppet show. It was a love story between a red tailed hawk and a bison made Martha.

Checked out the sandcastles on the beach, there had been a contest earlier. My favourite was a sand sculpture of a beaver with 'Happy 125th Parks Canada' written on a banner below it.

Went to town for ice cream and some groceries, then back to the campsite for supper. Too tired for a fire tonight, and wanted to get the girls to bed at a good time because it we have a big drive in the am.

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