Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ottawa at Last?

Aug 19 and 20

odometer 100700

First off, our odometer started at 87700, so that means we've travelled 13,000 kms on this trip - a lot more than the 11,000 we'd estimated in advance. I don't know if our van will ever forgive us.

Spent a couple of days in Renfrew with my Mom. On Thursday we tried to go to the splash Pad at Mateway park, but by the time girls got their swimsuits on (it took them forever) the rain had started. So we hung out at the house - the girls sure made up for their lack of TV!

Enjoyed a supper of BBQ steak and our first Ottawa-valley corn of the season - delicious!

Friday morning I went grocery shopping for some essentials, then we headed out to Burnstown beach for the afternoon. It's a great beach along the Calabogie road, about 45 minutes from Ottawa. It was a cool day so I didn't swim, but the rest of the family enjoyed it.
Said goodbye to Mom for our final drive home. Couldn't get over that we going back. The neighbourhood looked pretty much the same. We had housesitters staying with cats while we were away and they had left us flowers and balloons for the girls. The girls were VERY excited about the balloons.

Did a bit of cleaning and unpacking before heading to bed - our OWN beds. How sweet it is.

I'm happy to be home, but sad the trip is over. Despite our struggles, I enjoyed it. In fact, none of us are tired of camping yet and already planning to fit a few more trips in before the season ends. Camping with the travel trailer is sooooo much easier then the tent trailer - I wouldn't hesitate to go out again this weekend. Well, except for all the unpacking and cleaning that needs to be done!

Our Canada Parks pass is good until July of next year, so we are hoping to go to Georgian Bay and Manitoulin Island in the fall, and Point Pelee and Parks of the St Lawrence in the spring! Got to make the most of it!

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