Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mattawa to Renfrew

Decided to spend the day here at Samuel de Champlain - it is a great provincial park. After 3 days of early morning and driving it was nice to sleep in! Woke up to fog on the Mattawa river.

The girls played at Howley beach for the morning, it was too cold to swim but they played in the sand - DD2 enjoyed filling buckets of water and dumping them into the system of moats DD1 built.

My mom joined us at the park later in the morning - we sat on the beach and enjoyed the view of the Mattawa river and the breeze off the water.

This was our last time camping on the trip so we had a 'clear out the fridge ' lunch - a salad with everything imaginable in it (grapes, cheese, roast beef, peanuts, etc). It was surprisingly delicious.

Checked out around 2 pm and drove 3 hours to Renfrew - we saw more construction on the T-Can between Deep River and Renfrew them anywhere else on our trip! Got this final picture of the T-Can sign while waiting in a construction line up.

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